About us

Hi, I'm Jeff!

If I had to introduce myself in a few words, I would say I'm an accountant with too much personality!

Before I got into entrepreneurship, I worked in banking for 10 years and was in the process of obtaining my CPA designation. Professional attire has always been a big deal in these industries, and of course I paid attention to mine. But in recent years, the tie was worn less and less in the office and colorful socks were making their appearance. Of course, I followed the trend.

The problem I encountered when "shopping" in stores is that colored socks were often dull (navy blue / dark gray / mauve) or low quality (poorly resistant materials). Big brands want to supply on demand, but don't really put effort into their products. My frustration grew every time, until I heard myself say "I could do better."

The idea stayed in my head for several months before I saw my first design in a dream. Suddenly I woke up and decided to make my vision come true.

So I created Rebel Man Clothing to offer quality accessories that enhance the wearer's look, while maintaining their individuality. I want to emphasize bright colors to make my stockings look vibrant & creative.

No matter what type of person you are, I believe a confident man should be able to show off his personality without being held back by a dress code.

Rebel Man is turning out to be a more rewarding experience than I thought and I enjoy discussing my products as much as my background. Don't be shy to make me talk!

Let's share our different styles together